Wednesday, August 20, 2008

coming home

Two days before I come home.

I've had a lot of fun out here in California, met many people, and seen some new places. my daily paid for meals was a bonus as well, lots of new food I had to try :] the work was what I expected, but the people were not, but weekends with my friend Austen were what made my time out here awesome. I hate to leave, but i'll be back.

When I'm home it's back to work (did I ever stop?). I have another shoot with my friends in Sing It Loud on Saturday, A Verse Unsung on Sunday, and then senior photos for 3 people during the week. With all of that looming, I'm frantically trying to finish up all the shoots I had before I left. School starts the day after Labor Day, I have to move all my stuff from the upstairs of my duplex to the downstairs, and somehow fit in time with my family and girlfriend....whew, so much to look forward to.

I'll post some of Sing It Loud as soon as Epitaph let's me.

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