Sunday, March 1, 2009

moving on....once more

So this is getting somewhat annoying for everyone, I'm sure.

I have changed my blog to a new place, and it's lookin pretty great. You can check it out here:
New Blog!
New Blog!
New Blog!
New Blog!
New Blog!
New Blog!

I love Tumblr and its ability for customization exceeds blogger in almost every way that it was just too difficult to pass up.

And to foreshadow some plans for this year; I WILL be releasing a new website very soon, and hopefully a full-fledged blog sometime later this summer, so this new tumblr blog is only temporary.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

katie and nick's wedding!

Here are a couple samples from a wedding I shot with my good friend Spencer Combs back in January! I was finally able to finish them up and release them, and hope that they do this incredibly beautiful wedding justice.

It's finally friday, however I'm on my way to the architecture studio to work on the new project that's assigned for next thursday, I'll be posting some progress pictures over the next few days from earlier in the semester and recently, just to show what I've been working on.

I just wrapped up a quick shoot this afternoon which went incredibly well considering I'd never shot a band with 7 people in it. Next weekend I have a two day shoot which should be awesome, especially since my good friend Jules Ameel will be helping me. I've got an awesome hotel room booked for a part of the shoot, so cool!

Three weeks until California, I'm getting soooo stoked.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

your memorial

click on the to see them bigger.

almost forgot to post these. this shoot in Saint Paul didn't last more than 30 minutes. great guys, had fun with them.

last week

went biking downtown minneapolis with ben last week, I'm itching so bad for warmer weather. one month until San Fran. these were taken as been was fixing his bike. I had to go reserve some space at the Grand Hotel for a shoot in two weeks, i'm waiting on a call back (crosses fingers).

feb 14

Today I woke up at Diana's house and we made a great breakfast together. We're not much for Valentine's Day, and really believe that if you love someone, you'll make it a point to show it everyday...cheesy I know, but hey, it's true right? However, not to make her feel left out, I made her shrimp with orzo tonight and surprised her with some flowers. It was quite the ordeal, grocery shopping and getting everything prepared in the time I had while she was gone. My roomate John helped prepare some of the ingredients, and thankfully it was in the oven before she arrived. It was delectible to say the least. Of course, Diana ended up giving me a basket of snacks, because she knows how much of a sweet tooth I have. We spent some time after dinner in St Paul walking around, which didn't last long as it was 19 degrees out...not exactly the ideal temp for a stroll.

It was a great and much needed break from school, considering I have a nice big assignement for DF2 due Tuesday.I love the class, but it's so much work I'm finding myself pulling all nighters (last wed) and neglecting some of my other homework for my other architecture classes...naja, I'll figure out to balance soon hopefully.

I'm off to bed to wake up early tomorrow morning, I'm working at Apple for my only shift for the next two weeks...and I didn't even request off. All fine by me of course, I've been getting more inquiries than ever lately :]

lots of work I'm about to release, I've had a great time sorting through the multiple shoots I've been doing over the past few weeks.

one sidenote: my friend and fellow photog Spencer Combs proposed to his girlfriend in Nashville last night, and I'm soooo incredibly excited for him. I've been helping him cope with his ideas, stress, and travels on his way to that moment, but I'm sooo stoked now that it's official!

feb 11

I've been spending a ton of time in the architecture studio this week working on projects ad such. I had lunch with Jules Ameel the other day to discuss my shoot with Tyrone Mayes later this month. He's going to be helping me with lights and everything, which I'm extremely grateful for.

Valentines day is on its way, so I've been preparing a little something for Diana. It'll be an added bonus to be able to spend time with her all this weekend.

feb 7

shot some pictures of my sister (in blue) and her friends before their dance. I spent a quick weekend at home, worked at apple for the first time in two weeks, and have just been trying to keep up with homework. I've got a few things to complete for the first part of my second project in DF2, but I'll post a few pictures of some of the things I've been working on relatively soon. I've got more work than ever to release, as a result of five shoots over the past couple weeks.

I had lunch with a friend of mine, Jules Ameel, to hangout and talk about a shoot later in the month that he's going to help me with. I'm super excited for it, but I'll post more details later.

I've been biking everywhere over the past few days as the weather has been in the 40's, very uncommon for Minnesota in February. It's been been perfect in terms of temperature and terrain, that is if you ignore getting wet now and then.

In other news, I'll be heading to SanFran for the 4th time this year. My friend Ben Lanksy and I are going to be heading out with our bikes for a couple days (Mar 13-17) to visit my friend Austen again. I'm so stoked to ride there again, especially on my own bike.

bye for now, I'm working on finishing drawings for the next 8 hours.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Feb 5

I'm at school all day today, but have a couple hours before I head to studio. Here's one from my shoot on Sunday, it was so cold and very clear that night, this is with the guys as we were walking on top of a train. Great view of the MPLS skyline behind, which was awesome.

more to come on this later.

I spent Monday morning, afternoon, evening, and night in the Architecture studio working on Project 1 for DF2.

Two weeks ago we were to construct with a partner a cantilever from cards, only using one deck, no adhesives, 18 inches long, and be able to hold a tennis ball. My partner Andy and I made a really solid model that hardly dipped from parallel, even with the ball at the end. After that was finished, we had to draw, diagram, and explain our model through plan, elevation, and plan oblique drawings, which ended up taking a handful of time, as these drawings typically do.

After spending the night working, laughing with everyone at almost everything, enduring the cold draft (from Kyle breaking the window with a tennis ball on Sunday), frustration, etc, I finally fell asleep on a couch in the basement at six thirty for about 45 minutes. All of the photos are a mix from Sunday and Monday

I'm at home today going through images from 3 different shoots, catching up on homework, running some errands, and relaxing. I get to spend some time with Diana tonight (finally), we're making a great dinner together.

Monday, February 2, 2009

click on it for a larger size!

Mandie is an aspiring actress and wanted some new headshots, so we used my room and a couple nearby locations from my house to shoot. I'm so happy to have shot these again for her, and look forward to doing more in the near future.

Today I shot a wedding with my friend Spencer Combs. I'm so stoked to have helped him shoot this, it was an incredible day with great weather and people, as well as beautiful places. I should be posting some pictures from that within the coming week or two, depending on time. I am working on finishing my first DF2 project for architecture for Tuesday, and it sure has been taking a ton of time to finish.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend, I'm off to do a quick shoot of my friends in Your Memorial and Charis, then hanging out with my beautiful girl!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

last night

a set from last night at the City of Sound CD Release Show. I did a quick shoot for Go Nutz! for a magazine in Minneapolis, but the name I can't remember at the moment. Gave me a chance to really use my new lenses and camera, and I'm really stoked about the results. More on these later, for now:

new 50mm f.2L and 16-35mm 2.8L

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

jan 20th

Finally can put these up. Great dudes, and some really great music

also, Inauguration Day, such an important event for not only Americans, but my generation.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Visited the family before school starts, and my mom, sisters, and I went on a walk with Cricket. Super cold out, about -10 degrees with wind, but it was still fun!

These are with my new 5d and 16-35mm f2.8L. I'm waiting on my 50mm f1.2L which should come next week, and I'm stoked to see to use it on my upcoming shoots.

Now that I'm back from California, I am anxious for warm weather!

new work coming soon before school starts, I'm excited to show everyone!


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