Sunday, February 15, 2009

feb 14

Today I woke up at Diana's house and we made a great breakfast together. We're not much for Valentine's Day, and really believe that if you love someone, you'll make it a point to show it everyday...cheesy I know, but hey, it's true right? However, not to make her feel left out, I made her shrimp with orzo tonight and surprised her with some flowers. It was quite the ordeal, grocery shopping and getting everything prepared in the time I had while she was gone. My roomate John helped prepare some of the ingredients, and thankfully it was in the oven before she arrived. It was delectible to say the least. Of course, Diana ended up giving me a basket of snacks, because she knows how much of a sweet tooth I have. We spent some time after dinner in St Paul walking around, which didn't last long as it was 19 degrees out...not exactly the ideal temp for a stroll.

It was a great and much needed break from school, considering I have a nice big assignement for DF2 due Tuesday.I love the class, but it's so much work I'm finding myself pulling all nighters (last wed) and neglecting some of my other homework for my other architecture classes...naja, I'll figure out to balance soon hopefully.

I'm off to bed to wake up early tomorrow morning, I'm working at Apple for my only shift for the next two weeks...and I didn't even request off. All fine by me of course, I've been getting more inquiries than ever lately :]

lots of work I'm about to release, I've had a great time sorting through the multiple shoots I've been doing over the past few weeks.

one sidenote: my friend and fellow photog Spencer Combs proposed to his girlfriend in Nashville last night, and I'm soooo incredibly excited for him. I've been helping him cope with his ideas, stress, and travels on his way to that moment, but I'm sooo stoked now that it's official!

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