Monday, November 24, 2008

nov 24

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Here are a few images from my day with Rocket To The Moon. These images should be in the next AP Mag showcasing the bands for the AP Tour. My friend Max from Get Young just joined the band so it was great to see him again.

Thanksgiving is almost here, and I've been working to finish some of my analytical and value drawings for my arch 2301 class, along with a final project in 3711. I'm about to watch Notorious by Hitchcock before bed, all while working on said projects.

It's supposed to get warmer over the next couple of days, makes me happy to see winter holding off just a few more days!

here's one more outtake from that shoot:

112208 rttm 21web

Friday, November 21, 2008

school and such

Here are some pictures of some friends and I finishing the many time-intensive drawings the night/morning before our review for Arch 2301.

Expect more over the next few years ;]

I have a meeting with the Coach from Simley HS tomorrow, should be interesting. I'm shooting their track team in a couple weeks so I'm extremely stoked! Wish me luck

More in a few days

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

nov 18

Now & Forever


dead tired, and a really interesting week has already been set in motion. Started off on Sunday after work, I had a quick shoot with a band for an hour until dark, then drove home, made a sweet dinner, biked to school and got a ticket. what for you ask? for going through a stop sign. a bike. through a stop sign. What followed was an entire night spent drawing at the architecture building until 8am, at which point I went to economics, then came back for my third review for my class. I got a solid A, was stoked, and proceeded to fall asleep in the courtyard for 3 hours. since then, monday, we had a scare of getting evicted on account of our landlord, staying up late again, broke a tube in my bike tire (again), scheduled a shoot with an entire metro track team in a couple weeks, biked in freezing cold (see below), etc.

I'm currently trying to finish an overdue paper, schedule next semester's classes, finish a few shoots from the past few weeks while planning for new ones, keep up with other homework, be on time at apple, hangout with dee, plan a vacation, staying warm, and possibly maintain a social life. oh how I can't wait for break.

here are a few from the past week: Now and Forever ( and a couple more from my shoot with Mark.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

nov 8

The weekend is here and it's almost over.

Shot a wedding today with my friend Spencer; 30 degrees, windy, snowing, and so much fun!
got a lot of great shots.

Here's a set from one of my senior shoots this fall, along with a shot from my late October shoot with For All Those Sleeping (



For All Those Sleeping

I'll be spending most of this coming week in the library again, along with pushing out some finished shots of my last few shoots, including City of Sound.

Winter is beginning, which means a new website in the works, and more importantly, a vacation.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

nov 1st

the morning of

Here's the image of The Morning Of taken earlier this month.

Halloween was intense last night, I rode around the entirety of Minneapolis, took pictures of the drunk college kids in their costumes, and barred the cold at 3 AM on my ride home.

pictures soon.

also, it is me and my girlfriend's 2 year anniversary today! It's been nothing but fun and I hope every guy can find a girl like mine.


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