Wednesday, November 19, 2008

nov 18

Now & Forever


dead tired, and a really interesting week has already been set in motion. Started off on Sunday after work, I had a quick shoot with a band for an hour until dark, then drove home, made a sweet dinner, biked to school and got a ticket. what for you ask? for going through a stop sign. a bike. through a stop sign. What followed was an entire night spent drawing at the architecture building until 8am, at which point I went to economics, then came back for my third review for my class. I got a solid A, was stoked, and proceeded to fall asleep in the courtyard for 3 hours. since then, monday, we had a scare of getting evicted on account of our landlord, staying up late again, broke a tube in my bike tire (again), scheduled a shoot with an entire metro track team in a couple weeks, biked in freezing cold (see below), etc.

I'm currently trying to finish an overdue paper, schedule next semester's classes, finish a few shoots from the past few weeks while planning for new ones, keep up with other homework, be on time at apple, hangout with dee, plan a vacation, staying warm, and possibly maintain a social life. oh how I can't wait for break.

here are a few from the past week: Now and Forever ( and a couple more from my shoot with Mark.

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