Thursday, May 29, 2008


I have just returned back to my home here in Minnesota a few days ago after being in Germany for the past two weeks. I was there with my parents visiting my exchange family I stayed with a few years ago. We see each other every year and switch off coming to stay with one another. This year's trip was highlighted by getting to know my german brother a lot better, spending time with his parents, meeting many new people and visiting the ones I hadn't seen in awhile. The parents also made a separate trip to austria while Daniel and I hung out at home for 1/2 the week.

here's only a few pictures out of hundreds:

While I was there I also had some work to finish. Here are some from my shoot with Emiliana a few weeks ago:

I was finally able to see Diana last night and am planning on spending as much time with her before she leaves me for Argentina for a month. I'm also moving into a new house this week, getting back to work and already have a ton of shoots planned for the next few months, and I'm in the planning process of touring with my friends in Sing It Loud and Get Young.

Thank God summer is here.

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