Friday, July 18, 2008

I've been really busy lately, especially with work at Apple and the whole iPhone launch. I've managed to have found time to finish pictures from a wedding back in june. I've also been hard at work on scheduling graduation photos, finishing pictures for Sing It Loud's music video release next week, and so many other things on top of that. I have 5 graduation shoots next week, then Diana is home finally, and only one week later and I'll be in California until the end of August.

Somewhere in there and after I'll find time to edit, get ready for school, shoot a couple bands, hangout with my family and girlfriend, work, and possibly sleep.

I'm still working on getting a new layout for my website, and hope to have a new one up around October. I'll be focusing on simplifying the layout, making it easier to update, and adding more content.

I had the house to myself for two weeks while Sam was on tour and Caleb was working at home. but for the next couple days I will be spending time back home with my mom and sisters, as well as visiting my grandparents and sleeping.

2008 just keeps on flying by.

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